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Last modified : Sep 06 2022

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This tutorial will show you how to add a new function in your WordPress admin which will display the number of posts and post-type with a Draft status.

This function will help WordPress admins to validate posts and post type pending verification with the Draft status.

To accomplish this, we will use the add_menu_classes filter.

Display the Number of Posts with Draft Status in Admin Menu

add_filter( 'add_menu_classes', 'viavideos_pending_number'); 
function viavideos_pending_number( $menu ) {
    // Changer par le nom de votre Post Type ou post
	$type = 'viavideos';
    // Vous pouvez ici mettre un autre statut
	$status = 'draft';
	// On fait le compte des Posts Ou Post Type
    $num_posts = wp_count_posts( $type, 'readable' );
	// On part de 0 en statut draft et on fait le compte
    $pending_count = 0;
    if ( !empty($num_posts->$status) )
        $pending_count = $num_posts->$status;

    // build string to match in $menu array
    if ($type == 'post') {
        $menu_str = 'edit.php';
    // support custom post types
    } else {
        $menu_str = 'edit.php?post_type=' . $type;

    // On affiche le resultat dans le menu admin concerné
    foreach( $menu as $menu_key => $menu_data ) {
        if( $menu_str != $menu_data[2] )
        $menu[$menu_key][0] .= " <span class="update-plugins count-$pending_count"><span class="plugin-count">" . number_format_i18n($pending_count) . '</span></span>';
    return $menu;

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