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Last modified : Sep 11 2022

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This tutorial will show you how to add an Edit Link for Post / Post type Formidable Forms on Pages, Posts, Widgets.

We can think of authors adding articles (Post ou Post_type) and in a template, you display all the articles from an author (See tutorial) i.e. the author will be able to see a list of his articles, but nothing from other authors.

Lien editer Entries Post / Post type Formidable Forms

Here’s the shortcode required:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[frm-entry-edit-link id=current label="Editer" page_id=1000]') ;?>

So with this example we can see that you need to refer to the current ID and then ID that should refer to News form shortcode.

Result: You will then see an Edit link allowing authors the option to edit and update the pre-filled form.

The Edit links of Formidable forms are slightly different.

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