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Last modified : Sep 10 2022

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What’s my category’s ID?

In order to get your category’s ID, simply go in the Category section. Click on the Category in question and the ID will be displayed in the URL as such:

Exclure une catégorie des archives / Front Page WordPress

Here’s the function we’ve used with the pre_get_posts filter.

add_action('pre_get_posts', 'remove_themespress_post_categories' );
function remove_themespress_post_categories( $wp_query ) {
  // 31 = ID de ma catégorie
  $remove_cat = '-31';
  // supprimer des archives feeds, search, and home page, mais pas admin ou category
  if( (is_home() || ( is_archive() && !is_category() && !is_tag() )) && !is_admin()) {
    set_query_var('cat', $remove_cat);

We could also used this option via a Query Post. Here are a few examples of Query Posts.

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