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Last modified : Jul 17 2021

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Matthew Mullenweg announced a new editor with the latest WordPress 5.0 deployement. Gutenberg is a new editor that lets users visualize in realtime changes dones and that both newcomers to WordPress and longtime users could benefit from.

Gutenberg will allow users to customize their pages more intuitively than the standard editor. It is said to be very user friendly. It’s one more content editor added to the long list of editor tools alongside Visual Composer.

It will be mainly for a content editor, but according to new information, it could also become a Page Builder.

Benefits of Gutenberg:

  • User friendly and looks good
  • Easy to use
  • Access to tutorials
  • Takes about 15 minutes for intermediate and advanced users to understand
  • Social media iframes display pretty well
  • Can edit the HTML
  • Block types are well thoughout
  • Additional widgets available as blocks

Downsides of Gutenberg:

  • If disabled, we will come across Gutenberg custom code which can result in broken content.
  • Limits to 2 columns only
  • Cannot drag and drop
  • Gallery image aren’t clickable

Apparemment, d’après les annonces, dans le WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg remplacera l’éditeur par défaut. Following the announcement, it was announced that Gutenberg would become WordPress’ default editor. This is widely considered a bad move given that most users are comfortable with their current setting. As of this writing, we don’t know if WordPress will allow users to disable it easily.

This article will be updated as Gutenbergs gets updates.

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