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Woocommerce Statistics

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Woocommerce Classement (Woocommerce Statistics) is a plugin that allows you to get various stats from your WooCommerce shop. Configure your sales objectives and generate comparison charts between objectives and actual sales.

Generate various statistics such as results, customers, orders, products, coupons, shipping, payment. The currency used in the charts will be the one configured in WooCommerce.

Financial results and charts are generated via Google Charts such as line charts, and pie charts; just to name a few.

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Woocommerce Classement PRO : 3.0
License type : 1 website
Renewal : Yearly
Responsive : Yes
Woocommerce 7.5 and up : Yes
Last updated : August 18th, 2023
Updates availability : WordPress Admin (Plugin updates)
WPScan proof : OK

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English, French, Spanish



Latest versions

= 3.0 =
NEW : Graph showing the number of connected customers filtered by date. (Customers section)
NEW : Graph showing the count of product views by the customer (Products section)
NEW : Slick carousel to show registered users. (Customers section)

= 2.9 =
NEW : Add a user geolocation class with the Geoplugin API
NEW : Search ajax form by customer – List of orders by customer first / last name, order date, payment date, payment method, order status.

= 2.7 =
FIX : Correction of the plugin structure

= 2.6.8 =
NEW : Custom Search Builder – Search filter for Products, Orders, Customers Datatables
FIX : Correction of values insertions in the view database

= 2.6.6 =
FIX : Uniformity of decimals (prices)
FIX : Query correction – Last registered customer – Customers section

= 2.6.5 =
FIX: Visual fix of the bootstrap table – General section
FIX: Charts’ code optimization.
FIX: Fixed undefined variables for Charts
FIX: Fixed settings for the Statistics tab
NEW: Pie chart of amounts by shipping zone – Shipping Section
NEWS: Adapted to be compatible with PHP 8.0
NEW: Visual improvements for the Statistics section
NEW: New statistics under the Order section: Daily, weekly and yearly sorting of amount dating back to 2015

= 2.6.4 =
FIX: Multiple fix and conditions for the Statistics table.
FIX: Referall condition fixed under the Conversion column
NEW: Added column view of View / Click results
NEW: Added jQuery in the Click conversion system function
NEW: Shipping method column – Display the shipping method Order query section
NEW: Table that displays number of orders sorted by day

= 2.6.3 =
FIX: Corrected date format under Last Login – Customer section
NEW: Added a Conversion tab and added conversion for products, articles and pages. Added Stats chart
NEW: Automated update: Adding a Stats chart – after updating the FREE-PRO version.
NEW: New import/export system for options and product views.
NEW: New feature: Exclure Admin’s IP, Display result charts for products, articles and pages.

= 2.6.2 =
FIX: Checks after activation or if there’s an update available if the WooCommerce Classement table exists, otherwise, it will create it. Get your stats.
NEW: Added payment results -> Payment Section.
NEW: Added a notification system for users.

= =

FIX: Fixed linguistic query filter(woocl_get_products_view_list)
FIX: Daily view conditions if varies from new stats since version
NEW: Charts – Total Views, Today Views, Monthly Views, Yearly Views
NEW: New View system added + view of the stats stats of the last 7 days
NEW: Various queries displaying the number of items sold based on the selected dates
NEW: New Charts: Total number of orders, daily views, weekly views, yearly views
NEW: Customers: Most recent customers, customer data, last login, amount spent, number of orders

= =
FIX: URL parameter plugin was fixed
NEW: Correction of yearly order charts function
NEW: Added info-help bubbles
NEW: Payment chart
NEW: Years added for the Yearly performance chart
NEW: Newly added Coming soon section under updates

= =
NEW: Fixed an hyperlink in the left hand side menu navigation
NEW: Daily, weekly and yearly results added in the Admin columns
NEW: Dokan Statistics activation added
NEW: Dokan Statistics added
NEW: Dokan Under Dokan Statistics, added chart lines for yearly sales for vendors

= 2.6.1 =
NEW: Link correction in left navigation – Section News condition on click (News)
NEW: Today, weekly, yearly views results in product admin columns
NEW: Dokan Statistics activation options
NEW: Dokan Statistics’ section added
NEW: Dokan Statistics chart line for sellers by years – Section Dokan Statistics


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