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---- Last modified : Jan 17 2022

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Themeplify is a wonderful WordPress theme that can be adapted by graphic designers, web agencies, photo agencies, image processing companies or any other fields.

  • Fully reponsive.
  • Beautiful design
  • Multiple CSS layouts
  • 2 layout types: one for default posts and another for different types of posts
  • Includes plugin that will help you design a portfolio or image gallery that can be used on pages and posts
  • Woocommerce compatible
  • Multiple options like Likes and Views
  • Built in events and testimonials
  • Mailpoet newsletter included
  • Customizable sidebar for each page
  • Gutenberg can be disabled
  • Child theme


Current version:
Last updated: 04 Mai 2019

April 30th 2019: Javascript bug squashing.

May 4th 2019: Corrections show admin bar conditions. Corrected show admin bar conditions.

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