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Woocommerce: Offer a 30-day Deferred Payment Options for Customers

---- Last modified : Oct 01 2022

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Here we will show you how to hide payment methods when a coupon is used in your WooCommerce cart. For example, you want to give 30 days for your customers to pay as you want then to grab as much as they can from your shop.

The idea behind this function is that we create a special coupon for resellers and when they order online, using the coupon will disable online payment method and triggers the 30 days delay and any other delays you might have configured.

The first thing we need to do is enabling Woocommerce’ payment on delivery payment method. In the description box, we can write “Payment in 30 days”.

And then we add a filter which will enable Payment on delivery if the reseller uses his coupon. All other users/customers will have to choose from the available payment methods.

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